Manos - The Revenge of Torgo


Splatterhouse-style action


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Manos - The Revenge of Torgo is a 2D action game inspired on the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate, considered by many as one of the worst movies in film history.

While the game's story is a continuation of the movie, its gameplay burrows several elements from the 80's classic, Splatterhouse, in which you had to control a student who was possessed by the mask of terror.

This time around players, possessed by a similar mask as the one on Splatterhouse, will have to pass through different levels facing all kinds of enemies which range from common desert vermin, to dragons.

The game comes with several difficulty levels and with the option of choosing between different masks and weapons at the beginning of the game. In order to win more of these ‘unlockables’, you'll have to advance through story and finish the game.

Manos - The Revenge of Torgo is an entertaining 2D action game that, in spite of its clumsy gameplay, is actually very fun.
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